Fingerprint based criminal history screening is on high demand at present with the need for greater security. Many corporations and agencies are now requiring both employees and volunteers to be fingerprinted for this. The fingerprints we take are for NON–CRIMINAL purposes only. However, fingerprinting is also commonly used for identification purposes. This is called civil fingerprinting.


Our organization “East West Fingerprinting & Identification Services Ltd” takes care of your identification and security needs. We are able to capture and submit digital fingerprints to RCMP via electronic devices and the process is fastest with most reliable results available. This reduces the RCMP processing time to as little as 7 to 10 days and your fingerprinting results will be in the mail in 3 business days after submission. We still provide the traditional ink & roll fingerprinting with a processing turnaround time of approximately 120 days. We also provide CPIC services (also called name checks or police clearances) and these are cleared within 48 hours.


These services are delivered by our friendly and professional staff in multi languages at lowest rates in comparison to other companies. No appointment is necessary. The client from any part of Canada can take advantage of these services with us.


Criminal Record searches are needed for the following:-

  • Visa Applications/ US Waivers/Immigration/Citizenship

  • Passport/Pardons (Record Suspension)/Adoptions

  • Foreign Work and Student Permits

  • Public Works and Canada/Provincial Government/Private Sector Employment


Ink & Roll includes the following:-

  • Security License processing.

  • Name Change/Foreign Passport

  • Police Clearances from Other Countries as Digital service is only applicable within Canada.

Hours of Operations


Mon - Sun:

9:00AM - 5:00PM


No appointment is necessary except Sunday.



Unit 251-8138, 128th St.

Surrey, BC V3W 1R1


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